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In this section – Shravana Nayana Tour Aide - we provide useful information to the pilgrim desirous of visiting holy places. More places will be added to this section in the near future.

People, who go on pilgrimages, are happier, more peaceful and deal better with life situations. The purpose of a pilgrimage is to give you the feedback needed for an accurate self-assessment. The result and thus benefit of a pilgrimage is a self evaluation to show you how strong or how weak you are. Life is your teacher. Life offers you all the real life jobs needed to grow strong enough to be successful on your eternal pilgrimage.

Self-evaluation is important. Without thorough self-evaluation of a pilgrimage many may think to be much stronger than they really are. To know your weakness gives you the chance to make up for missed lessons in your past and to grow in time to be strong enough for your path of love towards God. Without self evaluation you'll have no means to measure your true strength or weakness and thus you have no means to adjust, to correct your path of life, your habits in life, your jobs or life style as needed to be strong.

The mind continues to be associated with such beliefs, to create a positive attitude. Your mind believes that by undertaking pilgrimage, your sufferings and miseries are mitigated.

Sometimes we take few steps to the left, sometimes few steps to the right, other times we make few steps back, but when we go on a pilgrimage we are walking towards God. We go to God, not perfect, but as we are - with all of our doubts, crisis, sickness, curiosity, adventure, faith, thanksgiving to ask for favors and to offer ourselves completely.