About the Founder

Veda Brahma Dr Prof.
Shri K. N. Krishnamurthy Sharma

Founder Chairman:
Badarayana Pratisthana

Managing Editor:
Shukavani Spiritual Monthly Magazine


Sharma's Research Institute of
Nadi Astrology

Shravana Nayana Tour Aid

Veda Brahma Shri Krishnamurthy Sharma is the eighth son of his parents just as Sri Krishna was to Devaki. He is fondly addressed by his disciples as Sharmaji or Guruji. He completed his schooling in Kanganahalli, a small village in Chikkaballapura district in Karnataka. He thereafter pursued higher education at National High School and National College, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru. He was conferred with a degree from the University of Mysore and an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy and Professorship from the Einstein International University, Florida, U.S.A. He currently stays at Mahalakshmi Layout in Bengaluru.

He has extensively studied the Vedas, especially the Rig Veda, from Veda Brahma Shri Dhali Lakshminarasimha Bhatta, a recipient of several state and national awards.

As he is keenly interested in Sanatana Hindu dharma, scriptures and the subject of karma as well as philosophy, he indulges in these as a hobby. In addition to his business dealings, he is also engaged in research and development, specifically in the areas of priesthood, astrology, Vastu Shastra, gemology, Nadi Jyotisha, palmistry and omens – which is an inherent quality in him.

With the objective of giving something to the society, he founded Badarayana Pratisthana, a religious institution, in the year 2009, which has given birth to:

1) Sharma’s Research Institute of Nadi Astrology - dedicated to special study, research and publication of Nadi scriptures connected to astrology.

2) Shukavani - this religious monthly magazine was started with the aim of creating awareness among the general public about Sanatana Dharma. It is dedicated to religious and spiritual subjects and is distributed free of cost. Over two crore copies of this magazine have been circulated as of 2020 through print and electronic media.

3) Rishi Praneeta Vedalaya – this provides instructions, suggestions and guidance based on Vedic knowledge in accordance with the teachings of the sages, to those interested in earnestly conducting auspicious ceremonies. Well-versed priests are provided by the institution for this purpose.

4) Shravana Nayana Tour Aid – provides information and guidance on holy places to those who have only heard about them and are desirous of visiting them. It is a free information centre.

5) Sharma’s Gem Testing Centre – specially involved in the research on gem testing.

Shri Krishnamurthy Sharma provides guidance to the above institutions and also to many dignitaries. He has plans to start a religious daily newspaper and Brahmin Federation on an all-India basis and a spiritual channel. He has also been providing guidance on construction and renovation of several temples and performance of fire sacrifices.