About Us

Badarayana Pratisthana

Who is Sage Badarayana?

Vedic knowledge originated from the sages, followers of the Sanatana Dharma, Veda, Vedanta, Agama, Astrology, Nadi Jyotishya, Philosophy, Tantra Shastra, Mantra Shastra and the Upanishads.

Badarayana Pratisthana was established with a view to disseminate knowledge pertaining to such varied fields and also to undertake Research and Publication activities.

The aim of "SHUKAVANI" - a spiritual monthly magazine from Badarayana Pratisthana is to create public awareness about our ancient dharma and also to disseminate the knowledge. Publication activities are being undertaken in various phases.

Many of the ancient texts are not available for public reading. We intend to publish such rare works. Authors who are unable to publish their works, or if the printing jobs have stagnated, Badarayana Pratisthana intends to publish such works. Authors may feel free to contact the President, along with their book / manuscript at the following address.

One of the objectives of Badarayana Pratisthana is to recognize and felicitate learned personalities who are rendering yeoman service in the religious field and to encourage them to write new books.

We also desire to extend our service in the field of education. We intend to help students who score high marks, by bestowing talent awards. We are also involved in collecting relevant articles, conducting Seminars, Lectures, Meditation Camps and organizing pilgrimage tours.

We invite likeminded persons and organisations who are interested in ancient Indian culture, to join hands with us in this endeavour and help us in creating leaders who are cultured, spiritually-oriented and having high intelligence and professionalism.